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AMSTERDAM, NH — This was an orb or oval shaped object. It flew at a low height across the sky. It was fast, but not as fast as a shooting star, it took approximately 2 seconds to fly above a wall of approx 12m in length. It was big, its size was one of the most shocking factors as we thought it was going to hit earth. It flew straight across the sky from our right to left before it flew behind a building out of sight. It was very bright, like a car headlight. The predominant colour was white, but it had a hue of colour around it, it gave off pale prismatic colours like a crystal, they kept changing through the course of the sighting. It was very beautiful. It was also very silent. No hum, motor, engine, propeller or movement of wind or air, or any sound was heard at all. It had a short tail but this I think was caused by the light itself moving across the night sky rather than a tail of gas or particles. Two witnesses saw it.

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